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>> reporter: president obama is wrapping up his visit in southern california. we'll tell you about supporters last night and which streets are still closed to traffic this morning. today, the san francisco board of supervisors will decide the fate of suspended
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sheriff, ross mirkarimi. the possible scenarios that could play out depending upon the scenarios. how well off are your kids? a new report reveals which places are meeting the needs of children. and the as hope to keep their season alive. but there is one issue that has fans angry with team owners. "mornings on 2" starts route -- right now. good morning. i'm ken wayne. dave clark is off today. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, october 9th. in just a few hours from now, president obama will head out of the bay area and head to ohio. allie rasmus is live with more with a warning about traffic. >> reporter: well, good
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morning, the president is scheduled to depart sfo at 9:25. it looks like police are preparing for at least the presidential motorcade. we just saw the motorcade. there is still howard between fifth where we are and down to fourth street where you see some of those police vehicles, that is still shut down. also fifth street between mission to our left behind this mobile command unit and folsom to the right. there's one utility vehicle and police cars along with our live truck. it will be that way until 9:00 this morning. the president is not scheduled to leave until 9:0. he stayed overnight at the intercontinental hotel in los
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angeles. that's where he had the first of three fund-raisers yesterday. it was the most expensive fund- raiser. donors paid $40,000 a ticket. there was also a private dinner inside bill graham's civic auditorium where donors paid $20,000 a ticket to listen to the president. the president urged supporters to maintain their support for him. and then he spoke to a larger audience. more than 6,000 people lined up for hours to buy the tickets to listen to the speech. new polls had week show the race is tightening between president obama and candidate mitt romney. in his speech last night, president obama criticized mitt romney's plan. >> the centerpiece of mitt romney's plan is a $5 trillion
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tax cut skewed toward the wealthy. he's been pitching this plan for almost two years now. >> boo! >> no, no. don't boo. vote! >> reporter: there were protesters as well. people protesting the crackdown on medical marijuana. there were anti-war protesters an romney supporters as well were gathered -- and romney support as well were gathered. you are looking at some highway patrol officers who just arrived here about five minutes ago. it looks like they are preparing possibly for the presidential motorcade that will probably happen here sometime in the next couple of hours. the streets are closed to vehicle traffic. you can see pedestrians are getting through here just fine. we've seen some intercontinental employees actually having to go to the police and show them their work i.d.s just so they can get
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through. it is pretty high security. now the, the president will -- now, the president will leave here and head to ohio where he will address the crowd at ohio university later today. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> one of president obama's comments in his speech is getting attention. the president said sesame street character elmo is on the run. >> elmo is -- has been seen in a white suburban. he's driving to the border. >> that comment is being interpreted as a reference to oj simpson who infamously fled police in a white bronco after his wife was found dead. we have more on this at our website. mitt romney is sounding more confident on the campaign trail.
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coming up at 7:15, why romney is telling supporters he will be the next president of the united states, plus the subject of the latest attack ad against romney by the obama campaign. dozens of people in napa county are being evacuated as the bomb squad prepares to dispose of a highly explosive product. ether was found. the napa county bomb squad will be getting rid of the substance. people living nearby are being evacuated as a precaution. police continue to search for answers as two people were shot last night. police received several reports of gunshots in the area. witnesses reported seeing someone drive up to the car and then open fire. police say the victim's car traveled another block before
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finally coming to a stop. so far, no arrests have been made. police in oakland are looking for the person who shot and wounded a man. it happened -- it happened near 94th avenue also around 10:00 last night. few details are being released. but police have not confirmed more details. but the man was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. police say this man yelled at a boy to get in his truck yesterday afternoon on walnut street. they say the boy refused and ran to a neighbor's house and called 911. he's a white man in his 40s and was driving what appeared to be a gray toyota tundra pickup truck. a new study is affect factors that affect the -- is study -- a new study is being
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conducted for factors that affect kids' well being in southern california. matt keller has more. >> reporter: the group tracks 28 factors of a child's well being across all california counties. the organization says this allows community to quickly gauge where children are being well and where more work is needed. a teacher here at northwood elementary says there's help before for kids before they enter kindergarten. >> we have a program here. we make sure they come up to the system. >> reporter: santa clara county
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only landed in the bottom third in all categories. san mateo county, in the bottom third in just four categories and top third in 15 categories. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. let's get a look at the traffic and we are gina head to the -- we're gonna head to the south bay. sal? >> northbound 280, it's kind of tough getting out of the downtown area coming out of the corner and getting in the valley. people are out early and 101 is still slow. that was removed. there wasn't a major crash. we do have slow traffic on 85, 87 -- on all of the freeways. 85, 87, 101 and 280. we're looking at the peninsula. we've been a little worried
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about 101 at the airport. it finally cleared up after roadwork snafus. the traffic is better. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is backed up from the macarthur maze. you will see slow traffic until you get on the brick. thank you, sal. well, no rain of any kind. a few clouds wrapping around. some areas are clear. others have cloud cover. by the coast, probably the best opportunity. tomorrow, though, some of the wraparound coming off the sierra. we'll deal with that tomorrow. some showers, very light rain. close to the coast if it even
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makes it. cool, 50s leer. upper 40s. antioch 49, the -- i can't tell you the last time the -- the last time antioch was the coolest. 58 in san francisco. parts of the peninsula you get mid-50s to upper 50s and 60s because coming around the low is a south wind. it's not that bad. partly sunny, breezy. we'll still get a breeze today. partly sunny, partly cloudy, breezy showers near the coast. there could be isolated showers late tonight into tomorrow. 60s and 70s. everyone is very close. usually it warms up as you go up north, but that's not the case today. 72, san jose.
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71 santa clara. cupertino at 73. senate and 73. san mateo and san bruno. look at that. we'll get clearing skies. cool mornings, warmer days. new this morning, the world hunger situation suddenly improved. what's behind the immediate change? >> what's this all about? a wrestling fan gets a little too close to the action. the charges a wrestler could face. tillamook yogurt has no high fructose corn syrup. no artificial sweeteners. no artificial colors and no artificial flavors. that's no, no, no and... no. of course, sometimes no is a good thing.
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the low off the coast has produced some partly cloudy
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skies. it will be in the 60s an 70s. kind of -- and 70s. a wwe fan got a little too close to the event in sacramento. >> oh! >> oh! >> at the end of last night's match, the wrestler ran up to the fans. you can see him being heckled. he turned around and hit a fan in the face. that man is upset because he said he never laid a hand on the wrestler. >> it just seems like it's something you wouldn't do. >> the man was taken out of the arena and was talking to police. he says he's not badly hurt but there are reports that he's considering pressing charges against the wrestler.
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tomorrow, a congressional hearing will look into the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya that killed chris stevens and three other americans. lawmakers want to investigate allegations that ambassador stevens requested additional security but his requests were denied. they also want to know how five security agents at the benghazi compound at the attack became separated from ambassador stevens. more proof the denver debate may have turned the presidential race around for mitt romney. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with a few more polls and the candidate's reaction. >> reporter: a new poll shows that mitt romney is now leading
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4 points. that's a very big turnout. because another poll showed president obama up by 8 points just last month. there is a margin of error by 3 points. here's mitt romney in newport news, virginia sounding very upbeat about his chances for a win in four weeks. >> people wonder why it is i'm so confident we're gonna win. i'm confident because i see you here on a day like this! this is unbelievable! thank you so much! >> reporter: the obama campaign is out with a sarcastic new ad taking aim at romney's push to end subsidies for public broadcasting. >> mitt romney knows it is not wall street you have to worry about. it is sesame street.
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>> reporter: and both candidates converge on the battleground state of ohio today. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns. >> for the first time in history the united states has a -- does not have a protestant policy. the percentage of protestant adults has fallen to at least 48%. at the same time, the number of americans have no religious affiliation has increased from 15% to 20%. experts say this trend has political implications because americans with no religious affiliation typically vote democrat. it's early voting in california. in about one hour, the san francisco department of elections will open their doors for voters. it's taking place on the ground floor of city hall. california is the 13th state in the nation to start early
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voting. world hunger is affecting fewer people than previously reported. the united nations said the world hunger crisis affects 870 million people but that's less than the previously reported number of a billion. the mistakenly larger number was released in 2009. the u.n. says it uses much more accurate methods to calculate world hunger. it turns out that -- it turns out that squirrels are more thoughtful about their decisions than we give them credit for. the group performed similar experiments with humans and easter eggs and concluded cognitive similarities between both subject the concluding that nuts are handled far more rationally than previously thought. north korea issued a
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warning says the -- saying the u.s. is now within range of its missiles. the warn something a response by the recent agreement to the u.s. allowing them to have missiles. the house intelligence committee says two companies refused to answer concerns about how they might access and misuse all types of private information. the warning ads the beijing company can require all chinese companies to turn over all information they obtain. the ktvu ipad app is ready download. you can watch news and breaking news any time anywhere. you might want to grab a jacket. it's a little chilly out there.
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steve paulson is tracking a orm stem snoop a new plan to fight foreclosures in oakland. good morning. -mile-per-hour -- highway 101, we'll tell you where the problem is there and how that will affect your drive to novato. of the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur advanced ergo. goes up. goes up. ask me what it's like to get a massage anytime you want. goes down. goes down.
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the nobel prize in physics was announced a few hours ago. one of the winners has a bay area connection. they won for their work inventing and developing methods for observing tiny quantum particles without destroying them. wineland is currently a phycisist as a -- at a laboratory in boulder, colorado. he received his bachelor's from uc berke supply a letter from
7:24 am
albert einstein challenging the idea of god is on the auction block. the asking price, $3 million. in the letter, he dismisses god as a product of human weakness. he wrote it for a jewish philosopher one year before he decide -- before died. the comprehensive foreclosure mitigation plan will target people facing foreclosure and help people explore their options and stay in their holes. beginning in november, the community members will go door to door and agencies that specialize in area will offer solutions. let's chick in with sal. >> this morning's commute, you will see slow spots. yesterday it was a lot lighter. today it is not. there is a lot of slow traffic
7:25 am
in downtown san jose. 280 is backed up from 101. 101 is backed up from 2 0. and 5 from 87 all the way up into saratoga will be slow. 880 southbound from 238 heavy traffic into union city heading down to the fremont area where there was an earlier crash and then westbound highway 4, slows in pittsburgh and bay point. live picture of the -- i'm sorry. of the bay bridge, of the -- of the bay bridge -- of the sab ralph fell. we had an earlier crash near linden. that's off to the side. the traffic is still slow. now at the toll plaza, it's backed up for about a 25 to 30- minute delay. let's go to steve. it looks like more clouds to the north and to the south. and also some thick fog.
7:26 am
any shower activity is evaporating fast. 50s or upper 40s. it's very mild in san francisco or sfo because you get a south wind in advance of that system. that's a warm pattern. for others, it's really cool inland. temperatures today won't be very far apart. 60s and 70s, coast, bay and inland. i will mention showers. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. a little breezy out of the west. not much change on wednesday. thursday, clearing as that system moves south. there will be a better opportunity and for us, it looks sunny. a controversial political display in the south bay. we'll tell you how this is
7:27 am
causing doe bait -- debate. the fate of ross mirkarimi is scheduled for today. and the as aring it to play a do-or-die game today.
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suspended sheriff, ross mirkarimi, is expected to find out today if he gets to keep his job. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us outside from city hall where supervisors are expected to take this all-important vote. >> reporter: at 2:00 they will be meeting. they could delay things if they decide to subpoena some of those witnesses. how each supervisor is gonna vote will be kept under wrap. the supervisors received a lotter from the city attorney's office basically saying they were under no circumstances allowed to talk about it. the last time ross mirkarimi and his wife were here was back in august, when the ethics
7:31 am
commission voted to out of the sheriff. lopez has been living in venezuela with their son for months. in march, may off ed lee suspended the -- mayor ed lee suspended the sheriff without pay. anti- anti-domestic violence activists want him out. the mayor has also said that public officials held to be -- need to be held to a higher standard. but the mayor may have his own battles to fight of the board is reviewing options for delving into options, that he perjuried himself during his testimony, saying he would give ross mirkarimi another job. it will be interesting where
7:32 am
people will side. it will take nine of the 11 supervisors in order to remove him from office. some of his supporters are going to be here on the steps of city hall, come noon. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:31. president obama is scheduled to fly out the san francisco in just about two hours from now. coming up at 8:00, allie rasmus is outside of the president's hotel. she will tell us about the traffic effects of the departure. today, mitt romney is campaigning in idaho. yesterday, he told supporters in -- campaigning in idaho. yesterday, told supporters -- >> we must restore's strength andly do it with your -- and i will do it with your help.
7:33 am
>> romney made an unexpected stop at a school, as did president obama. >> i think it's dislow pressureful. i think there's -- disrespectful that people would do that. i turn it's the mark of a bizarre -- i think it's the mark of a bizarre person. >> the property owner said he made the display of the noose and said the display speaks for itself. breaking news. moments ago, a judge handed down a 30 to 60-year sentence
7:34 am
for sandusky. that means the former football coach will be in prison until he's nearly 100 years old. >> in my heart, i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. >> coming up at 7:a, we'll go live to -- 7:45 we'll go live to pennsylvania. happening now, austrian daredevil felix baum gardner is preparing to sky-dive from the edge of space. brian todd is in roswell, mexico with more. what's going on there, brian? >> well, ken, they are gonna be taking a look at the weather conditions over the next hour. what they are looking at now is a possible lawnp if they are gonna go today at between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. pacific time.
7:35 am
if they are gonna go, that's when they will probably lawnp. people kind of milling around there. we've got the capsule and the balloon in the field to my left. can't pan over there. the sun will shine directly in the camera. it's all here to my left. it will be launched on the field. a lot of anticipation here. the winds, they were in double digits and that was a little high. they wanted to get it down to 5 miles an hour to have optimum conditions. so they are gonna wait these patterns out. if they do not go today, they will look at the conditions tomorrow. >> we'll see what happens at 10:00 and 11:00 this morning
7:36 am
and if the mission goes forward. it's a do-or-die game for the oakland as. ktvu's alex savidge is live with more on why the team doesn't plan to open up any other seats for a game that's already sold out. alex? >> reporter: well, the as want to make sure that the tarps tickets are sold. a sellout crowd of 36,000 is expected for game 3 between the as and the tigers. a must-win for the as. some have been urging the team to take the tarps off 25,000 seats that are normally covered. a fan group has put together a
7:37 am
petition. this group is called let's go oak. they have put together signatures urging the team to sell more tickets -- tickets. even mayor jean quan seemed to side with the fans. >> even though we didn't get certain extra seats, we'll all be there tomorrow night, right? [ cheers ] >> and we're gonna practice doing this -- you know, we saw a lot of white towels. but i think the yellow towel is a little classier. meantime, later today, the san francisco giants will try to avoid elimination in the
7:38 am
national league division series. ryan will be be on the mound hoping to turn things around after the giants dropped their first two games in san francisco. the giants have to win three in a row in cincinnati. they had major league baseball's best road record. the bad news, the reds have not lost -- have not lost three games in a row at home. >> that's why you play the game. >> yes. that's why you play the game. let's check in with salp what's going on in contra costa county? >> we have a lot of slow traffic there. it will be very slow on highway 4 as you come through pittsburg and bay point from pleasant hill to alamo mow. we have a new -- alamo. we have a new injury zen -- whoops. i moved it -- accident. whoops. i moved it too fast. i want to thank bill tweety who
7:39 am
first gave me the alert about this. it's an injury accident. motorcycle down, east 80 at georgia street. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound as you come up to the macarthur maze. it's backed up to a 20, 25- minute delay. in the south bay, northbound 280, still very slow from 101 getting into cupertino. partly sunny for some, sunny or others. sonoma county airport. a quarter mile visibility and thick fog. partly cloudy skies associated with a weak little low off the coast, maybe tomorrow. what's there now is kind of losing its oomph. about two hours ago it's just fizzled out. so again, all show and no go.
7:40 am
still waiting for that first rain from the north. showers possible near the coast but this looks really weak, a nice sunrise for some. it's just too far away. we're on the eastern edge. santa maria. 50. your morning trifecta ta there -- tri-- trifecta there. i can't tell you the last time i saw that. there is a very deep breeze there associated with the low. inland, it doesn't matter. you're not getting that. partly sunny, partly cloudy today. a possibility of popup showers. today and tomorrow we'll mention it, but i think it's
7:41 am
really weak. mild near the coast. this low stays right off the coast. st. helena, 73. same for concord, pleasant hill, 72 walnut creek. berkeley 67 degrees. 73 milpitas to 75 gilroy. >> thank you, steve. 7:41. the sonoma marin area rail train district is qualifying some train crossings as quiet zones. the district says the $12 million project will silence the bells at the crossings. it says it's up to the counties
7:42 am
and individual cities to apply for quiet zone designation. it says interested areas should consider the safety risks of making this change. sobering predictions. the warning about the biggest threat to global economic growth. 3q get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.
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indecks -- indexes are slightly lower on wall street as investors wait for the traditional start of earnings seasons. right now, the dow is currently down 22.
7:45 am
nasdaq is down 29. s&p is down 4. 7:44. the international monetary fund warns the global economy will grow more slowly during the coming year. the imf released its quart terly update at a meeting in tokyo. the chief economist warns the biggest threats are the eurozone crisis, the failure of u.s. policymakers to agree on a fiscal plan and -- plan and japan's inability to reduce its budget deficit. >> it's difficult to nail down exactly what the strengths of this is. >> blancheard said it is possible if all of the right dreichers are taken by the right -- companies and if all of the right moves are taken.
7:46 am
breaking news. jerry sandusky has been sentenced to no less than 30 years in prison for his child abuse conviction. here's more. >> reporter: good morning, ken, tori. that's right the judge said the total years would be no less than 30, no less than 20. centuries in jail would be too abstract. 30 to 60 years has the same impact of saying the rest of your life. sandusky is 68 years old. now, he did -- he did give a statement in the courtroom. two times during the statement he said,dy not do these disgusting acts. he talked about his life achievements and cried. also victims, several victims of sandusky spoke. victim number 6 was very emotional when he was speaking.
7:47 am
he took breaks in between his crying. he said as i try to put the 1998 incident into focus, i realize how you manipulated me. he said i have confusion, i have feelings of violation. he says if you seek forgiveness, jesus will forgive you. there's not any other way. please repent, for there is a bigger judgment to come. and victim number 4 spoke and he was visibly angry at jerry sandusky. he looked him straight in the eye and stayed i will not forgive -- and said i will not forgive you, jerry sandusky. >> thank you. the mother of george zimmerrerman toad up -- zimmerman stood up for her son. zimmerman, a neighborhood watch leader, is accused of shooting and killing florida teenager
7:48 am
trayvon martin. >> the people who knew george need to come up and say he's no racist. >> she told a story about him helping a homeless individual who was severely beaten. zimmerman heads back to court on october 19th. 7:48. the police have a serious warning for people walking along a popular trail. pam cook is in our newsroom with what happened and who police are now looking for.
7:49 am
>> police say a woman was attacked on this trail. he held a knife to her throat as he groped her. police say this is not the first time an attack happened on this trail. we spoke to one family who said they are staying away. the suspect in yesterday's attack is described as african- american, he was last seen wearing a black leather jacket, black pants, black shoes and was riding a blue mountain bike and is in his 40s. if you saw anything or heard anything, please call police. push
7:50 am
i'm pam cook, let's go back to ken and tori. 7:49. president obama just dedicated. new national monument honoring the late labor leader cesar chavez and starting today, it will span 120 acres and include his home and memorial garden grave site. california vote remembers already casting their ballots for next month's election --
7:51 am
voters already are casting ballots for next month. starting this year there will be new instructions sent out with every mail-in ballot. >> you would hate to have the vote canceled if you didn't sign it. >> right. frightening moments for a 7th grade class. we'll tell you about a gun that was discharged and who is responsible. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. the pack from knee man car must -- mar -- the book from neiman marcus comes out today.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
a gun went off at martin bureen school, they are responsible for the fun going off. the boys were arrested and face charges. the police say the 11-year-old brought the gun to the classroom, handed it to the 12- year-old who tried to -- who tried to hide it in his pocket, setting off a shot when a bullet hit the ground. nobody was hurt. here we go! >> wow! big numbers there. that star's pumpkin, 1775 pounds. neiman marcus is digging off the holiday season.
7:55 am
the annual christmas book is known for featuring expensive and outrageous gifts. last year's ideas including a $420,000 tour of european flowers on a jet. and this year's catalogue will be the 86th edition. let's check in with sal. >> right now we do have some things going on out there. yesterday was kind of an -- kind of an easier day. pretty slow. it's backed up to -- for about a 15, 20 minute delay.
7:56 am
of the morning commute on 80 westbound, east 80 at -- let me put this up a little bit. a crash on 780, east at i-80 is there on the shoulder. let's go to steve. there is a total flip-flop in temperatures. some higher clouds. all associated with the low. it's favoring the clouds toward the north and it's just staying too far off the coast. if it would move inland, we would have showers.
7:57 am
la, san diego, santa barbara, they have a better chance for rain. by the weekend, it looks mostly sunny with cool, cool mornings. a yosemite national park employee is missing and the police need your help. >> reporter: preparations are in place for the presidential motorcade to leave the intercontinental hotel sometime here in the next hour as president obama wraps up his 12th visit to the -- to the bay area. we'll tell you about the street closures in place. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians.
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to really help our schools, vote yes on thirty-eight. welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm ken wayne.
8:00 am
dave clark is off today. president obama is scheduled to fry out of san francisco at 9:5 this morning -- to fly out of san francisco at 9:25 this morning. allie rasmus has more on the tee par chur. >> reporter: that's right -- departure. >> reporter: that's right. the president is scheduled to leave at 9:25 this morning. but preparations are in place for this motorcade. we don't know exactly what time they will be leaving the intercontinental hotel. we can tell you we've seen a couple dozen police officers go by. there's also some highway patrol officers stationed out in front of the hotel. there are street in the area that are closed to traffic. howard and fifth is where we are. it's shut down, you can see from fifth street to 4th street and then fifth street from mission to our left 679
8:01 am
supporters at the event, the -- supporters at the event, he told them -- >> we can't afford to roll back regulations on wall street or major polluters or insurance company. that's not a job's plan. that's not a noon grow the economy. that's not change we can believe in. that's a relapse. >> reporter: also in his speech last night, the president criticized governor romney's policy. new polls show, some people say
8:02 am
they are not discouraged by the polls. >> it has surprised me. it's -- he has -- >> reporter: now security is very tight at the intercontinental. the president is scheduled to depart at 9:5. you are looking at what appears to be law enforcement officers. there's some chp officers. we've seen a dozen, maybe more, san francisco police officers on motorcycles. there's a another one coming through right now who will be taking part in this presidential motorcade. after sfo, the president is gonna head to columbus ohio.
8:03 am
live in san francisco allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. and mitt romney is sounding more confident on the campaign trail. coming up at 8:15, why he's telling -- why he's telling supporters that he is sure that he will be the president of the united states. in about 90 minutes, testimony is set to continue in the trial of giselle esteban. she's the woman accused of killing michelle le. michelle le was a nursing student and disappeared from kaiser permanente in hayward in may. prosecutors believe le killed -- they believe that esteban killed le because she was
8:04 am
jealous. 8:03. family, friends and students gathered for an emotional evening to remember the life of a hercules woman found dead on friday night. the $$vigil was held for 55- year-old susie co outside her home where neighbors found her stabbed and beaten to death. the cul-de-sac -- was filled with candles. >> honestly, i didn't know what to expect. it kind of blew my mind a little bit. >> police are asking the public to help find a car that was stolen from her home. it's a sky blue, 2011 subaru outwhack with idaho plates. the fbi has joined the investigation to find her
8:05 am
killer. and -- and 23-year-old jess saw garcia was last seen on saturday by a coworker after her orientation meeting in the park. search and rescue teams started to scour the area. she's latina, 5'3", weighing 173 pounds. she's had shoulder length hair. in about an hour, the man accused of several crimes, including stealing a celebrity chef's car, he's charred with attempted murder and -- charged
8:06 am
with attempted murder and stealing a yellow lamb bro guinea that was owned by chef guy fieri. a 10-year-old autistic boy is now safe after being lost for several years. oakland police found the boy around 11:00 last night in the area of 20th andle it le graph. that's more than three miles from where he got lost earlier in the evening while riding a scooter with his father. police say the boy was not
8:07 am
hurt. >> reporter: this child well- being study tracks 28 factors. santa clara county did well, only landing in the bottom third of all counties and in the top third for 15 categories, including third graders who read at grade level and one teacher at northwood elementary say many students face difficult challenges at home that can impact them at class. if you are coming to school and your parents are in jail, that's hard. so we work towards trying to get them to accept and do better for themselves. >> the organization says this allows communities to quickly game where children are doing well and where more work is
8:08 am
needed. oakland could increase the thumb of cameras it has on the streets. the safety committee will consider approving a $2 million contract that could mean the city has 30 of those cameras. other cities including emeryville and san carlos are actually ending their use of these cameras saying revenue from them does not cover operating costs. :06. let's check in with sal and see where the problem spots with. sal? >> all right. good morning. highway 4, we'll start there this morning in contra costa county, you can see it's still slow. a lot of the slow traffic has moved on from antioch. it's still slow there. the bulk of it now is in bay point and also 680 from concord to walnut creek. 24 is moderate between walnut creek and oakland. if you are driving at the bay
8:09 am
bridge. it's been pretty and slow from 6:15 this morning for about a 20-minute delay here at the toll plaza. it is a little bit better once you make it on the bridge. livermore traffic is busy. 85 is gatos to saratoga. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. the low will spin in some occasional clouds. i don't think there's much in the way of activity here. the system is losing a lot. again, i mean, the core of it is still out here. it's too far away. everything says it is heading
8:10 am
counsel -- it looks like some some, santa barbara -- from -- from santa maria and santa barbara. napa is 48, sonoma county airport, .25 visibility. the hoe as it goes down the coat, it will occasionally rotate in a cloud been or two. really -- really i think partly sunny, partly cloudy. this low is tracking southward, almost too far south. maybe on wednesday as it gets down to central california. highs today and tomorrow, though, stay very cool. 60s and 70s even out to the -- even out to the valley. partly sunny, mild near the coast. we'll pick up a sea breeze. it's more of a south wind along
8:11 am
the coast. that's kind of a mild pattern. os and 70s from sausalito to clearlake. 67 berkeley, 74 brentwood. little is in there. own downtown. 72, to 75 gilroy. mid- to upper 60s. really close here. south san francisco, redwood city all because of that south wind makes for a mild pattern. partly sunny, partly cloudy. the system so far south that l.a. and san diego will be ceiling -- will be dealing with the rain. it is 8:11. about00 california patients are suspected to be threatened by the national meningitis outbreak after receiving contaminated steroid shots. officials say these shots are on used for back pain. although there have not been deaths in came, eight people have died in other states.
8:12 am
health officials are notifying every patient that may have received the contaminated shot. you probably have noticed that gas prices are still very high. gas prices are averaging $4.67 a galp in -- a gallon in california. there's hope bau of the winter blend fuel release that that will lower the prices. senator bar bau boxer is asking the fraud group to -- barbara boxer is asking the fraud group to look into whether excuses were used to drive up the prizes. a bike ride for napa. the investigation underway after a crash on highway 29. a robbery suspect goes down swinging who he punched during a courtroom scuffle. @p@po'
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
mostly sunny. there are some partly cloudy skies to the north. a little bit of patchy fog. but overall, a mix of sun and clouds. 8:15. defense secretary leon panetta and general john allen are addressing the rise of insider attacks in afghanistan. panetta and allen are expected to speak to nato officials in brussels and explain what they are doing to stop the attacks. they say insurgeons are dressing in -- insurgents are dressing in of uniforms and attacking those forces training
8:16 am
them. 53 coalition troop have -- troops have been killed. tomorrow a congressional hearing will look into the attack that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other american. lawmakers want to investigate allegations that stevens had requested additional securities. they want to know how five security agent as the compound became subpoena rated from stevens. the north korean government says there is a warning in response to the recent agreement by the u.s. to have south korea to have missiles capable of hitting all of nouk. the north korean government says that agreement proves there is a lot to invade north korea. a month to election day and
8:17 am
it shows that mitt romney is gaining momentum -- gaining momentum. ailson burns has more. >> reporter: there are some polls that are gimping the romney team encouragement. a pew poll shows romney up 4%. and the poll also shows that coming out last week's debate in denver, romney's personal likability has improved and he's made big gains among women voters. >> that was a good debate. i enjoyed that debate. >> but the obama is using the big guns using big bird in aned
8:18 am
a. >> bernie madoff, ken lay, dennis koslowski, criminals, the evil genous who towered over them. one man has the guts to say his name. >> big bird. >> reporter: reporting live from alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:17 for first time in history, the united states has not have a protestant majority. the percentage of protestant adults has fallen to 48%. at the same time -- the chp says a car hit a
8:19 am
bicyclist -- the bicyclists while in a group yesterday afternoon. one bicyclist suffered minor injuries but the other was seriously hurt. the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. oakland stillfullies estimate damage from weekend vandalism at around 12,000. workers spent the day cleaning and the oakland tribune and city hall. the damage came after about $it00 -- after about $200 -- after about 200 people marched downtown. no arrests have been made. >> union workers and community groups are boycotting a northern california grocery store chain. military i pueblo has 21 stores -- mi pueblo has 21 stores. chain's founder is a former
8:20 am
illegal immigrant and eppromises to rehire any worker who a-- who attains their citizenship. i i felt a blow to my mouth and i hit the floor. >> the man punched his attorney because he did not like the 15- year sentence. it is 8:20. an unusual eating contest ends in tragedy what a man was trying to win when something went very wrong. >> good morning. san francisco looks better than yesterday. he's on the go.
8:21 am
even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. in florida a man guyed after eating dozens of roaches an worms as part of a contest. the 32-year-old was one of dozens of people competing at a reptile store to win an exotic python. he won the contest friday night but afterward he began to vomit and collapse. he was rushed to the hospital where he died.
8:24 am
>> we're all very sad. it's a bad situation. >> no other contestants were sickened. authorities are awaiting autopsy results to determine why he died. the world hunger crisis suddenly improves. it really was not as bad as we thought. the u.n. said they mistakenly reported in 2009, the number of people who are hungry in the world at 1 billion. it was really 870 million. now, the u.n. says it uses morage rit methods. rippers are tracking the patterns of where squirrels bury their food and where they retreat it. the group performed other exper importants with students in attar ex. and they concluded that nuts are handled for more rationalely than previous thought. >> isn't that good to know? >> yes. >> those are ground squirrels
8:25 am
not tree squirrels. >> yes. >> there is a difference. let's check in with sal there is -- there is a crash outside of del tall elementary school. at leaf two or three people have been hurt here. they are setting up a zone for the helicopter to land here. that's delta fair boulevard at school street in antioch. three vehicle crashed. one vehicle is on its side. still, emergency vehicles arriving here near delta fair elementary school. let's take a look at live pictures. at least a 25 to 0-minute delay before you make it onto the span. once get on it doesn't look bad. 85 is a little slow here.
8:26 am
machine, pac -- machine, partly cloudy. overall, low offshore, looks like -- looks like it doesn't have enough oomph. it's just there. a few showers got very, very close to point reyes lighthouse and marin coast about 6:00 a.m. 40s and 50s. temperatures warmer along the coast and also the peninsula because of a southwest wind -- win. out ahead of the low, and you can get a look at it right there. it's not that strong 60s an 70s on the temperatures. there won't be a big difference. some of this could clip south bay and east bay on wednesday. clearing on thursday, then it
8:27 am
does look sunny. >> thank you, steve. the napa county bomb squad is dealing with a highly explosive substance right now. what they are doing to dispose of it and how they are trying to keep nearby residents safe. after months of drama, the fate of san francisco's embattled sheriff lies in the hands of 11 people.
8:28 am
8:29 am
we have breaking news -- we have breaking news in contra costa county near turner elementary school on delta fair
8:30 am
boulevard. there's been a serious accident. we're getting reports that a crossing guard and two others were hurt here on this -- near this elementary school. this reportedly happened just after 8:05 a.m. we actually got this from the police department. three vehicles were involved. one vehicle is on its side. and they are also setting up a landing zone in this area for a medical helicopter. this is near turner elementary school. the intersection is at school street. we have a crew on the way. let's go back to ken and tori. it's decision day for suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi after months of controversy and and political drama. supervisors are expected to vote whether to ren stay the sheriff. >> reporter: we're hoping for
8:31 am
an outcome today. but if they decide to changes -- if they decide to subpoena withins could change things. the attorney is advising against that. the last time we were here, ross mirkarimi you a peered withly life in august when the commission voted to oust the -- out of the sherr i. he's been living in venezuela for a few
8:32 am
months now. the board is reviewing -- is reviewing options that ed lee perjuried himself, including whether he used an intermediary to offer ross mirkarimi another job if he design and whether he spoke to supervisors about speaking -- about seeking his approval. remember, this is an election year so there's a certain amount of pressure to get it right. it will take 9 of the 11 supervisors in order to out of ross mirkarimi as sheriff. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. the napa county bomb squad is still at the napa county fairgrounds at this hour, getting ready to dispose of a
8:33 am
highly explosive substance. it was supposed to happen at 8:00 this morring but we just spoke to the officials an they say the bomb squad is still on the scene. people who live -- people who live nearby have been evacuated as a precaution. two people were found shot to death inside a car in west oakland t happened near 12th street and fillbert streets. police received several reports of gunshots and witnesses reported seeing someone drive up to the car and open fire. police in -- police in oakland are looking for a man who shot and wounded a man.
8:34 am
police say a man reseming about this catch yelled at a boy to get into his truck yesterday afternoon on wall knit street. they say the boy refused and ran to a neighbor's house and called 911. the suspect is described as a white man in his 40s and was driving what appeared to an -- to an gray tundra truck. the nobel prize in physics was announced this morning. and one -- and one of the winners has a bay area connection. they won for their work in developing methods for developing tiny quantum particles without destroying them. a letter from are ail bet,
8:35 am
einstein challenging the idea of god is on the chopping -- is on the auctioning block. the price, $million. he wrote this to aeau jewish philosopher a year before he died. oakland is detailing a new program aimed at preventing -- prepare venting foreclosures. the plan will target people facing nearby and help them explore their options and stay in their homes. pea begin in november, community members will go door to door with foreclosure issues. agencies that specialening -- will then help those to help fine them a saw. [ cheers ]
8:36 am
>> as fans gathered yesterday at frank ogawa plaza. the same starts at 6:00. brett anderson will be on the mound for the as. the oakland as say they will not recover the tarps to make more seats available. some fans started and online petition to remove the camp that covers more than 20,000 seats. you they don't want to open the area and then sell olen -- only a couple of -- championship series. this afternoon, the san francisco giants will try to avoid elimination o ryan vogel will be on the mound. the giants as well have to win three games in a row in
8:37 am
cincinnati. they had mlb's best record but the reds, they've not lost, three in a row -- three in a row all year at home. let's check this with sal again. >> the crash at turner amendment school near delta boulevard, another school street, a very serious crash. one of them was reportedly a school -- a crossing guard in this area. this is a good area to avoid. turner elementary school. bell ta -- dem ta fair boulevard. medical helicopter on the way. also, we're looking at the dim if you are driving in hayward, slow traffic there heading south to union city. let's go to live pictures because i want to show show you
8:38 am
that traffic is bemaining steady and remember we told you 280 was cleared up, it took about ten minutes to get in the valley. re slow in the valley. a little low off the coast. it's been spinning off the pacific for a few weeks. this doesn't have much to -- much to work with. if we could take this and move it this way i would say, i -- i would say, hey, first ofthe season. p hoes and 50s, warmer warmer. they got a south hind a-- south wind ahead of it. there's our le but everything is -- but everyone says it's
8:39 am
itp the track itself is -- i think in the sierra nevada some of that may wrap around lake county tomorrow. i think that would be come of a stretch. system also, peninsula and in the city, breezy at times, this low gives us an afternoon breeze. for some, it will be an trillionly breeze. i think we settle in here and not change , some clouds will filter in on wednesday. they are out of here and then a little bit warmer for the upcoming weekend.
8:40 am
a wwe fan got a lot more than he paid for for a show in san diego. >> right there e got punched at the end of last night's month. wrestler cm punk ran up in the stands and then he suddenly turned around and hit a man in the face. that man said he never laid a hand on the wrestler. >> it just doesn't seem like something you would do. if you knew 100% that it was that exact person. after that altercation, the man was removed by security and met with police outside. his glasses were broken, his face was scratched. now he's considering pressing charms against cm punk. 20 minutes before 9:00. a warning for people who walk on a popular pittsburg trail. why police want you to pay extra attention to your surroundings. are you ready ?
8:41 am
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8:43 am
share everything by turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot for up to 8 wifi-enabled devices at no extra charge. like the new droid razr m by motorola only $99.99. five years ago today, the
8:44 am
dow hit record highs. today investors are discouraged by the international monetary fund. the dow is down 95. the nasdaq is down 43. s&p down 11. it is 8:43. developing news from pennsylvania this morning, jerry sandusky has been sentenced to at least thirst years in prison -- 30 years in prison for his child abuse conviction. david lee miller is live to explain how sandusky remained defiant until the end and what is next. >> reporter: good morning. interestingly, as you point out, the judge acknowledged that for life sentence, he could have received in excess
8:45 am
of 400 years, the judge sort of viewed that as fra few tis -- gratuitous. sandusky spoke for about 15 minutes after that. he was thin, gaunt, no longer wearing the sport co and necktie. he said i didn't do the alleged disgusting acts. he talked about the fact that he spent his 42nd wedding anniversary in the county jail and we are in what is describe as the fourth quarter and we ally continue to fight -- we'll continue to fight. he told the court i tried to bring joy. i tried to make people laugh. sandusky had an occasional
8:46 am
smirk. did not display a great deal of emotion, the emotion came from the three victims who spoke at times, you could hear their voices cracking. vick number 5 told the court, i are -- victim number 5 told the courtly, never erase the filthy body images of his on mine. he said i dent forgive you. i don't -- i don't forgive you, i don't know that i ever will. tori? >> thank you. 8:46. let's get you updated on some of the other top stories we're follow right now. police are on the scene of an
8:47 am
accident on delta fair and turner school. they say three vehicles are involved. they also tell us that two women and a little boy were injured. but they've not bon -- been curve can -- confirmed whether those -- >> the suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi is expected to find out today if he will keep his job. supervisors are set to vote in a special meeting starting at 2:00 this afternoon. america was abused last year. president obama is in suspect. he is expected to head out to ohio. allie rasmus is in front of the
8:48 am
hotel. >> reporter: also lined up along metal barricades. you can see a number of tourists and residents, stopping hoping to get a -- to catch a glimpse of the president. out in front of the intercontinental, the street is still closed. in fact, the street has been closed since last night. you can see some secret service vehicles parked out front. the president's scheduled to depart sfo at 9:25 after wrapping up a fund-raising trip. yesterday, there were 6,000 people who stood inp -- who stood this line for hours. they paid -- they paid for tickets to see the president.
8:49 am
the prime minister told voters to be obsessive and help him get his -- the president told voters to be obsessive and help him to get relengthed -- re- elected. this is the president's 12:visit to the bay area. if you look at where we showed the motorcycle police staging, it looks like they are putting on their helmets. they are getting ready get on the motorcycles. they should be leaving. you can see a lot of people lined up along the barricade hoping to catch a glimpse of the president when he leaves. he will leave for ohio. he's scheduled to speak before a crowd at ohio state university later today.
8:50 am
live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. the president said elmo is now on the run. >> elmo is -- has been seen in a white suburban. he's driving for the border. >> that comment is being interpreted as a reference to o.j. simpson who infamously fled police after his wife was found dead. early vote fogger the november election is now underway. it's growing increasingly popular, but it is also leading it a problem. some people vote early because they will be out of town.
8:51 am
others vote -- or don't vote at all. but some of those are rejected because the signatures -- because the signatures don't match the ones on file. but we have to be able to say, yes, that's the same person. >> the biggest discrepancies are among young voters in contra costa county, 15% of voters are between 20 and 39 years old. an attack on a popular trail. pam cook is in the newsroom with a warning from police and advice from officers in the area. >> well, the warning is for people who use the delta deanza trail in pittsburg'east bay the police say a woman walking along the trail was attacked at about 6:00 yesterday morning she said a man rode past her on
8:52 am
his bike and then came out of the bushes, held a knife to her throat and groped her. she managed to get away and run to the mcdonald's on bailey road, just off highway 4. >> she said -- she made the choice to fight and got away from this person. that's -- that's important. park police say this is not the first incident on the trail. there was another reported last month. they do not think the suspects are related in this attackp yesterday's attack was an african-american man in his 40s. he was last last see -- last seen -- last seen in black pants, black riding shoes and a blue mountain bike. you should trust your intickets, they say, reporting live in the newsroom let's go back to ken and tori. >> thank you, pam. the attempt at that world
8:53 am
record jump from the edge of space is being delayed because of the high winds.
8:54 am
8:55 am
an, treatment skydiver is pushing back his jump from the edge of space until later this morning e will jump from a
8:56 am
helium balloon 23 -- morning. he will jump from a helium balloon. he will attempt to become the first person to break the sound barrier without a vehicle. the mission was scheduled to launch at 6:00 a.m. our time. but is being pushed back until 10:30 because of weather. today's winters for ticket tuesday will be invited to celebrate 100 years of magic with disney on ice. one viewer will win a four pack. the show will feature 65 of disney's unforgettable character. for your chance to win, go to before midnight. and put in the secret word which is genie. let's check in with -- >> let's go to the toll plaza. it's getting better getting to san francisco. i also want to show you -- i
8:57 am
also want to show that traffic in the east bay is still heavy in union city. let's go live to san francisco. these are live pictures of the presidential motorcade getting all fired up. some of the officers have already left. you know the interested is trying to take off. they've never get you did dash let you get so close. so be sure to give yourself menty of time if you are driving to the airport. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. mostly sunny to partly cloudy today. it look -- it looked like a few showers are trying to get close to the coast. but mainly sun, clouds and col and breezy an -- and then better no for the weekend -- for the week. >> put on a jacket. >> a little one. >> and the umbrella? >> no rain in sight. it will be 10, 15 days.
8:58 am
>> refully. >> yes. p thank you. >> thank you. s that our report this morning. thank you for trusting the news. be sure to join the news at noon for more reaction on the sentencing of jerry sandusky. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us.
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